FiveStreet is an effective method for your agents to catch leads before they call someone else.

FiveStreet allows you to manage a high volume of leads from over 60 sources and route those leads to a large team or a number of agents. Optimize your follow up processes to reduce your response time and keep leads from slipping through the cracks. Monitor your performance and analyze your lead sources.

  • “Before FiveStreet, my team hated online leads, so response times were slow. Now, my agents dive for the phone when a lead arrives.”

    Hans Wydler

  • “With FiveStreet, I can be sure that I get my money’s worth from online leads. I’m actually thinking of increasing my online spending budget.”

    Jason Townsend

Consolidate Your Leads

Our artificial intelligence system collects your digital lead emails and extracts relevant information from them. Zero data entry required from you for this process.

Research Your Leads Automatically

When you get a new lead, FiveStreet searches the web for social profiles, publicly available financial information and property status, and attaches everything it finds to the lead. No need to Google™ search every lead.

Respond Instantly

FiveStreet can make sure all of your leads are followed up on and answered in real time with a customizable text message or email. Let the potential buyer know you will be getting back to them shortly. When your agents are busy they can still respond to lead requests. Your leads will think your agents work around-the-clock.

Easy Lead Routing

Tap one button on your phone and you can offer any lead to one or more groups of agents (or enable automatic routing). Whoever claims it first, owns it. Our data shows that FiveStreet customers see a near 100% response rate to all leads. For customers with teams, they see 60% of leads claimed within 5 minutes!

Track Your Leads

We send remarkable reports straight to your inbox, every week. How many leads did you get? Who followed up on them? What’s their status? Answered before you ask.

Connect & Follow-up

FiveStreet automatically pushes the lead data to the systems you use for ongoing follow-up. We directly integrate with Top Producer®, MailChimp, Contactually and BombBomb. Information moves seamlessly.

Tristan Ahumada, top team leader,
explains how he responds to all of his leads in real-time